Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wholehearted Worship

2 Samuel 6:14 (NIV)
"David, wearing a linen ephod, danced before the LORD with all his might".

As I read God’s Word this morning I was given an overflowing fresh "view" of how great God’s love is. As I meditated over the Scriptures in 2 Samuel 6 & 7, the Lord reminded me that He not only is thinking of me, but chooses to take me with Him into a relationship that will forever change my life!

I soon became overcome by my sincere heartfelt love and gratitude joined with renewed amazement that the Creator of all things knows my name and loves me faithfully even when I am completely and utterly unlovable and faithless! I could not help but ponder the very question David asked in 2 Samuel 7:18, "Who am I, Lord that You are mindful of me?"

2 Samuel 6:14, says" David...danced before the Lord with all his might". David's focus was completely on God...without any distraction or
“proprietary concerns", He gave the Lord his wholehearted devotion. As David danced with all his might...he didn't take a look around to see how "everyone else" was celebrating God's presence ... he didn't "check" to see if others were dancing or "raising a hand or two" as they praised God. I don't believe for a moment that as David danced down the streets of Jerusalem, he had any thoughts of "those with him". His heart and mind were fully centered in God. That's what I want my time with God to be as well! Fully centered...fully focused in God!

Although we may not always be able to express our devotion to Jesus by "dancing" when on Sunday mornings we join together in songs of worship to our Lord...I do feel we cannot fully worship God if we are allowing our eyes and thoughts to also focus on what someone next to us is doing or not doing during their time of worshiping God. Don't let this be the distraction that divides you and your devotion to God. Worship is a personal expression of love and thanksgiving... an offering we bring to the throne of Jesus our Savior.

I'm sure you will agree with me when we enter into the presence of the Lord to worship God and praise Him for Who He is, we want to give Him all we have to bring. I do not want to bring just a portion, but all... all I am...all I have...may the Lord see that everything within me "dances with all my might" (even if my feet don't run up and down the isle, I’m dancing from my heart and soul)!

As I give all my love and devotion to Jesus the Perfector of my Redeemer I find I have an “I have to praise Him… with all my might or I’ll burst” experience!

All glory to God,


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  1. Kathy - May we all dance to His heart's content!! Good word.