Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Bridegroom And The Bride

Today is March 1st and it is the date of my wedding anniversary. As you can image...I’m missing my husband a touch more today than others. We always made the anniversary of our wedding day “special” in one way or another. Since we both loved to travel we often planned a get-away trip...for just the two of us. 
This date has been so special to me for so many years...I couldn’t help but ask God in my morning prayers and devotion time if my desire to “keep” this date special in my heart was also causing me to keep a piece of my heart held back from Him.

As I felt His love pour over me I asked my Jesus to help me love Him more and to reveal to me a new glimpse of His love for me. 

I sat quietly feeling comforted but desiring to hear a word from God’s heart to my own I sat...I heard nothing...just the quiet of the morning and my own thoughts. As memories of my wedding night began to flood my thought I enjoy recalling what my eyes saw as I walked towards my groom...
I'll never forget how Brad's eyes lit up as he looked at me while I walked towards him...dressed in white and excited to be his bride.  Although Brad had seen me behave imperfect and flawed many times while dating, he still wanted me to be his bride anyway!  
In fact on our wedding day...I think those eyes of his only saw beauty and perfection. That's what love does...covers over the mistakes and flaws and reveals the perfection inside that makes us so lovable!  Is it any wonder I would love a man like that? 
And then it was in that thought that Jesus spoke to my heart. the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, so shall your God rejoice over you. ~ Isaiah 62:5b

With tears streaming slowly down my cheeks...I felt the embrace every bride feels when her groom can not take his eyes off her face.  
One day...I will be a bride again...The bride of Christ!  I can only imagine the look in my Savior's eyes when He sees me walking towards Him, dressed in white....
"Look long enough in to the eyes of our Savior and, will see a bride. Dressed in fine linen. Clothed in pure grace....His bride. Walking toward him, she is not yet with him. But he sees her, he awaits her, he longs for her. "~ Max Lucado
In God's amazing grace...and abundant love,

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  1. The Lord's BelovedMarch 1, 2012 at 8:52 PM


    My heart goes out to you on this day that brings fresh memories of the love you had with Brad. Our Lord is so awesome to give us a shadow by being husband and wife in the natural which is a picture of the spiritual. Know this Kathy, that you are the beloved of the Lord, He never keeps His eyes off you and the day you confessed Jesus as Lord and He came into your heart you are His bride, now in this world. You don't have to say one day...I will be a bride again...The bride of Christ, you are now. You can see the look in our Savior's eyes now in the spirit. We are now cleansed white as snow, dressed in white, righteous and holy in Him. When you fix your eyes on Him, you will find His eyes and see Him. We have spiritual eyes in our heart and can see the Lord daily. Don't wait until heaven, experience a greater love that any human husband could ever give. When we know we are the beloved of the Lord and His bride now then that same rush you had on your wedding day going down the isle when you saw Brad's face you will expirience daily but much deeper and greater with our Lord. Receive His love by fixing your eyes on Him and what you have now in Him.
    Love in Christ,
    The Lord's beloved.