Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Discarded Stone

"Come to Christ as to a living stone. Men have put Him aside, but He was chosen by God and is of great worth in the sight of God. You are to be as living stones in the building God is making also. You are His religious leaders giving yourselves to God through Jesus Christ. This kind of gift pleases God. 
The Holy writings say; “See, I lay down in Jerusalem a Stone of great worth, worth far more than any amount of money. Anyone who puts his trust in Him will not be ashamed.” This Stone is of great worth to you who have your trust in Him. 
But to those who have not put their trust in Him, the Holy Writings say, “The Stone which the workmen put aside has become the most important part of the building.” he Holy Writings say, also, “Christ is the Stone that some men will trip over and the Rock over which they will fall.” When they do not obey the Word of God, they trip over it. This is what happens to such men." 1 Peter 2:4-8 

It has been said that when Solomon’s temple was being built, all the stones were brought from the quarry already cut and fashioned. Each stone was marked with it’s intended location and where it was to be placed. Among all these numerous stones there was found a very curious seemed to have no describable shape, and it appeared to be unfit for any portion of the building. 

Among all these numerous stones there was found a very curious seemed to have no describable shape, and it appeared to be unfit for any portion of the building. 

The workers tried using it at one wall, but it would not fit; so they tried it in another...but it did not seem suitable for any portion of the temple. After several attempts to find this stone’s proper location, the workers feeling very annoyed and even angry, threw it aside. 

 The temple took many years to build, and over time that tossed away stone became covered with moss, and grass grew around it. 

It seemed that everybody who passed by the stone laughed at the sight of it. You see, they all believed Solomon was wise, and they had little doubt that all the other stones were right. But as for that curious looking grass covered block, they thought surely it is a mistake and it might as well be sent back to the quarry...everyone seemed quite sure it was meant for nothing.

Year after year passed, and the poor stone was still despised, the builders constantly refused it. Then finally the day came when the temple was about finished and was ready to be opened. 
The multitude assembled...all were excited to see this grand sight! Then they heard the builders ask, “Where is the top-stone? Where is the pinnacle?” They gave little thought where the crowning marble was, until someone said, “Perhaps that stone which the builders refused is meant to be the top-stone.” 
They then took this discarded stone and hoisted it to the top of the house; and as it reached the summit, they found it fit perfectly to the place. The crowd shouted such loud Hosannas, it surely made the heavens the stone which the builders refused became the headstone of the corner. 
So is it with Christ Jesus.
“Christ is the Stone that was put aside by you workmen. But He has become the most important Stone in the building. There is no way to be saved from the punishment of sin through anyone else. For there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we can be saved.”          ~ Act 4:11-12

For meditation: In the end God saw to it that the last shall be first. Where do you place the Lord Jesus Christ?
Adapted from a sermon by Charles Spurgeon 

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