Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Life's Sweetest Time...

"As Jesus walked by...
...they followed Jesus." John 1:36,37 NLT

This morning I saw where a friend had posted on FaceBook the following; 

"Lord, may I simply walk with You. Take my hand and guide me through every moment of this day. Amen."

As I pondered her words and thought about some of the challenges she is going through...I couldn't help but relate to her prayer...in fact, I knew it spoke directly to my own heart's desire... to just "simply walk" with Jesus and to do this in "every moment" of each day.

As I attempted to envisioned what it would be like to actually walk beside Jesus as He held my hand and guided my steps...I wrote the following words to my friend...and I want to share them here as well...

It is the sweetest time spent when we find ourselves walking along side of Jesus... It takes a conscience effort on our part not to "shake off" His hand that is holding ours and guiding us safely when we see the difficult obstacles along today's path.

It takes our conscience effort to remain engaged in conversation with Jesus as well...to listen to Him and trust in what He says instead of listening to the distracting noises that fill our heads with doubts and fears...and temptations to believe the lies they tell.

Oh... to have our hearts and mind firmly centered on walking with Jesus throughout our day! When troubling issues (or people!) come up along side of us...Jesus provides us

the perfect solution as to how to respond in perfect peacefulness and love.... When
pressures of a deadline or urgent demands attack us...Jesus' stands between us and
the raging tide of emotions that threatens to overwhelm us and guides us in His grace
towards completion.

It is so sweet to walk with Jesus throughout our day... For He understands us and knows how we often experience that unexpected heartache as we recall our love for someone who has passed away from our life here and is now in Heaven . He does not
think it strange that our hearts yearn to hear a loved one's voice again or to feel their
touch...to share another day together. Jesus listens to us as we share our sorrowful
thoughts and His presence and words comfort us...and perhaps He will even chose this day for us to pause in our walk to just sit for awhile and cry together...but soon...He always lifts us up unto our feet again giving us assurance of His promises and renewing our hope.

Oh.. how blessed we are to walk with Jesus throughout our day! For as we walk together... Jesus delights in us and never fails to point out the gifts He has placed beforehand on our daily path! We might even hear Him laugh out loud if we listen close enough... He beckons us to open each one. Jesus is pleased to see our gratitude and hear our praises as we rejoice in Him and for all the things big and small He has done for us.

The sweetest time...is the time we walk with Jesus.



“As Jesus continued walking by Lake Galilee, he saw two other brothers, James and John, the sons of Zebedee...

Jesus told them to come with him. Immediately they left the boat and their father, and they followed Jesus.” ~Matthew 4:21-22 (NCV)

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