Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Reflections on the Recent Tragedy in Colorado

The morning when I first heard the news about the tragic shooting that occurred in Aurora, Colorado, my heart just sank as I prayed for the families and friends of those who lost their lives so violently....I thought of the survivors and could not imagine the sheer terror they experienced and prayed for them to be comforted and healed in all the ways needed. 

I thought about the mom and dad of the young gunman too...victims now as well of their son's murdering much heartache they must feel as well...they have in essence lost the son they once knew...and I prayed for them to have God's comfort and wisdom in how to respond not only to the public outcry...but to each other their son as well. 
I tried to imagine what would make such an intelligent young man do such a horrific thing...he surely knew there would be young children...teenagers...innocent and kind people of all ages...excited to be in a packed theatre to watch a movie. What happened inside his heart...his soul...that he could not care that his actions would rip apart the hearts of all who loved the ones who would become his victims....overwhelmed and unable to make any sense of anything he did...I prayed for him too. 
As I prayed...I couldn't help but wonder and ask God "Why?" 

Oh I know...I know...we live in a fallen world...bad things happen everyday in many ways and to many wonderful and innocent people....I know all of this...but...the question of Why just falls from my thoughts without restraint as I prayed. 

I don't really need an answer to my question of “why?”....I learned from the tragic loss of my husband Brad from cancer that even if I knew God’s purpose and reason for allowing this to wouldn't remove the pain that death inflicts  nor the longing to still have him beside me.  

Thankfully...God understands our confusion and questions...and He is always faithful to provide us with His abundant comfort, mercy and grace for every moment of our days and our nights. 


Although we can not see how anything "good" can come out of what happened that night in a dark theatre In Aurora, Colorado...God promises us He will make everything come out right... I choose to trust in God and His promises more than I trust in my heartaches and doubts....

"God makes everything come out right; 
he puts victims back on their feet. 
God is sheer mercy and grace; 
not easily angered, he's rich in love. 
And as far as sunrise is from sunset, 
he has separated us from our sins." Psalm 103:6,8,12 The Message

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