Monday, September 3, 2012

"In The Details"

"You comprehend my path...and are acquainted with all my ways.”
-Psalm 139:3

I love that about God....that He is into the details...not just the generalities of our lives!  
The Scriptures continually reminds me that God has an eye for detail...even knowing the precise number of hairs on each of our heads (Luke 12:7). 

We read in the Book of Psalms where David shares with us just how detail oriented God is. David writes that nothing is hidden from God's understanding...He knows everything about us...Psalm 139.
I use to wallow in the miseries of too many details...I could easily become overwhelmed by them if they came at me in number and especially if they seemed to come all at once!  

Yes, I prefer my life to be simple...with only a few manageable details needing my attention. But life isn’t like least not all the time it isn't. 

So, I am learning to relinquish whatever faith I am placing in my own strength, abilities, and outcome...and replacing it instead with an unswerving faith in the One who holds all of creation in His hands....including all the intricate details of my life! 

It is good to be reminded that God is not overwhelmed or discouraged about the current circumstances in my life...or in yours either. His eyes are always on us. Amazingly...we have even captured His heart! 

Take to heart this matter what is currently going on in your life...He loves you! How can you be certain of that love?  You can be certain, because He chose to reveal His love, not in words, but in us the gift of eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ! 

If God loves us that much...will He not love us enough to sustain us in the midst of all the overwhelming details that life has you experiencing today? 

Trust Him in the details. He has a knack for covering them all...


"God is ready to assume full responsibility for the life wholly yielded to Him."
- Andrew Murray


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