Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Divine Interruptions

I once thought these things were valuable, but now I consider them worthless because of what Christ has done. ~ Philippians 3:7 NLT
I’m not very graceful. I tripped and stumbled so often as a child that when I was about 12 or 13 years old my mom even enrolled me in several classes that taught young girls how to properly and gracefully sit, stand...and walk! I may have gained some much needed skills way back when... but unfortunately I can still trip over the tiniest pebble as easily as the sizable stone to this day! Perhaps the clumsiness of my feet is due more to my “unawareness”  of where I’m walking than just my being unable to walk without stumbling.
I use to live my life the same way I use to walk as a child ~ not really paying attention and even unaware of what was right under my nose. I also wanted life to be smooth and easy without any ‘trip ups”. I was easily thrown off my feet by the unexpected changes to “my plans”.
Life. Who has a life that is not filled with the unexpected change to their plans?  Who lives a life that is not challenged by the need to adjust and change their focus to what is needed “right now”? 
Sadly, I have too often chosen to put on a big pair of rose-colored glasses...
sometimes even blinders... so I can either shade or completely block out the “stuff” I don’t want to see or possibly be asked to deal with. This “defensive” tool seems to have allowed me to see only a shadow of and at times even run away from people and circumstances that I saw as an unwanted interruption to my day ~to my life! Instead of seeing the interruption as coming from God and His desire for me to respond with His leading... I resented them.

I became very adept at dodging the people and circumstances that God intended for me to encounter....not understanding that God was giving me these things in answer to my long sought prayers to Him! “Lord” I prayed... “Help me to know You more” ~ “Love You more” ~ “ Trust You more” and to be “With me Lord always, so that I may be so bold one day as to say to You ‘Send me’ and be used by You for Your glory”. (Isaiah 6:8)
While I had been avoiding and resenting...even fearing “today’s” interruptions...I also was tripping over and miss seeing God’s love and blessing He had given to me "in it" for this day! 
I’m not very graceful...but God is full of grace for me. Far from having perfected my "walk" at least now my feet today are a bit more steady.
“Dear Lord,
Forgive my narrow thinking - my selfish attitude. I desire to be re-molded by the only One I trust to reshape my heart and give sight to my eyes. Protect me from stumbling as I trust You never will lead me where You have not also prepared for me to go. I know in asking this, I will be given opportunities that will change the direction of “my plans” ...but Lord, thank you....for how blessed am I that you would even choose me to be a part of a Divine interruption.”
I pray you too will accept God’s grace filled invitation to join Him in His work today.

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